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Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®
Dolores Cannon developed and perfected her unique method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®, also known as QHHT®, over several decades and thousands of QHHT® sessions.

Past Life Regression Specialist

"Sabah Rab Level 3 QHHT® Certified"

About Sabah Rab

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Sabah Rab's journey to Spirituality began with the  sudden transition of her beloved younger sister Sadaf. Sabah made it her mission to learn more about the soul and its journey. 

Sabah's approach to hypnosis is rooted in a deep belief in the inherent ability of individuals to transform their lives. By fostering a safe and supportive environment, she helps empower clients to explore the vast potential within themselves and embark on a journey of self-discovery.


With a passion for helping others unlock their full potential, Sabah brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of hypnotherapy. As a certified practitioner, Sabah combines a compassionate approach with a proven technique to assist clients in overcoming challenges, breaking through limitations, and achieving their goals.

**Level 3 QHHT Practitioner 

** QHHT Instructor


Clinical Hypnotherapist and

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

**Life Coach



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Preparing For Your QHHT Session

Preparing For Your QHHT Session

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QHHT Regression

QHHT Regression

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Julia Cannon and Tracie Mahan on The  Metaphysical Hour With

Julia Cannon and Tracie Mahan on The Metaphysical Hour With

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About Sabah Rab
What Is A Session Like

What Is A Session Like

An important part of your QHHT® session is the preparation that starts beforehand! At some point before your session, relax and brainstorm questions that you want to ask your higher consciousness. Nothing is off limits in this Q+A! It is meant to help you fully and truly understand yourself. This can mean asking questions about previous experiences you have questions about or need healing from, questions about moving forward and navigating your future, questions about your health and physical needs, as well as about previous lives and any events that you felt were truly unexplainable.

People use this session to help them make decisions that pertain to their future. You can ask your higher conscious about major life changes that you might be about to make and the path to your future. Your higher conscious can help you understand your life purpose and what you should do to unlock your best possible future.


About QHHT

 QHHT® or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a form of deeper healing and self-discovery. People have used QHHT® to heal many ailments, both spiritual and physical, and to change their life. QHHT® can help people finally understand themselves and their lives as well as how to move passed the things that have been holding them back.

With QHHT®, all the answers come from within yourself. During a session of QHHT®, a person experiences a past-life regression. In a state of relaxation bordering between waking and sleep, this person can be led through a deep journey through their higher conscious. Through this experience, they tap into their higher conscious and can visualize and analyze their previous lives as well as gain a better understanding of their higher conscious. This higher conscious can help the person reach a much deeper level of self-discovery and understanding.

After the past-life regression people are able to communicate with their higher consciousness and ask questions that may be concerning them about their life and the problems they are currently struggling with. Our higher consciousness is the part of us that knows the most about our body, heart, mind and spirit and when tapped into can help us heal and know ourselves better!

I had a hypnosis session with Sabah, it was incredible, we went through a couple of past lives that are meaningful to my current life. Had healing done on my knees and mouth gums, feeling a lot better! There was so much information that came through that I’m a little overwhelmed. There was a point we were talking to “Source”, that was very interesting to say the least. I highly recommend Sabah to anyone looking for a positive and life changing experience!

Luis Castellanos

Life Statement

The purpose of my life is to be a high vibrational being, full of Love. Helping humanity in the expansion of consciousness. Spiritually aligned with my purpose, bringing the highest level of love and light into the world for the greatest good.

  • How does QHHT® make you feel?
    Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a very gentle yet powerful technique. It will relax your body and your mind, allow you to feel the healing energy of your Subconscious and connect to your intuition. Typically people experience a pleasant sense of relief and peace after the session and gain a more clear perspective on their life path.
  • How long does the session last?
    The session typically lasts about 4 hours but can take a bit longer or a bit shorter depending on the information that comes in during the session. You are comfortably assisted during the session and as much time as needed can be spent in order to achieve the good result.
  • Do I need to prepare for the session?
    There is no routine preparation that you need to do before the session however allowing yourself to be in a trusting relaxed state will greatly help the healing process. You will also be asked to bring a list of questions to the session containing all the important aspects that you would like to work on during the session.
  • How many questions shall I prepare?
    There is no set number of questions for you to bring, you should just listen to your intuition. Normally people bring around 5-7 questions and they reflect the most important things for themselves. Some people have no questions and would just like to have the experience and this is perfectly fine. In other cases you might just have one question. In all situations we will follow the flow of the session and discover what the Subconscious would like to tell you taking into account your questions.
  • What is the Subconscious and how can it help me?
    The Subconscious (or the Higher Self) is the beautiful power that exists within you that assists you on your path and takes care of you physically and emotionally. The Subconscious is loving, wise, knowledgeable and very helpful, they talk to you every day through your intuition and dreams. During the session we can contact the Subconscious and ask it to give you healing and clarity on your questions in life. The best way to work with the Subconscious is to trust it and allow the information to come through naturally.
  • Will I remember anything after the session?
    You might remember parts of it. However the session reminds a dream and some memories will fade away. This is why we record the session and you receive the recording so you can listen to it in your spare time to increase the effect of the work.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    The beauty and the powerful effect of QHHT is such that you will most probably need just one session. However, in some cases people like to repeat the experience when they find more questions to ask or want to reconfirm what the Subconscious would like to tell them.
  • What are the benefits of the session ?
    The amount of benefits is impressive as QHHT is a profound technique capable to work on many levels. It can bring healing on physical and emotional level, provide inner guidance, connect to intuition and psychic abilities, explain patterns and reasons for feelings. It has to be noted that every session is individual and will depend on the person's level of openness and soul plan.
  • How can a past life regression help?
    A past life regression offers a number of benefits starting from physical and emotional healing to discovering the patterns for relationships and reasons for unexplained feelings in this life. If the cause for the physical illness originates in a past life, for example an injury or a pain, it can be released and healed during a past life regression. A past life regression can provide insights to why we incarnate in this life, what connection we have to members of our soul family and what lessons can help us to progress in this life.
  • How will I feel after the session?
    Usually people feel relaxed and clear after the session. It is recommend to spend a peaceful day after QHHT so you could assimilate the information and receive all the benefits from the healing. You are encouraged to listen to the recording several times to help you gain the most of the healing energy and the advice of the Subconscious.

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                                          Sessions are 4-5 hours 
                                           Phone: 407-575-6599


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